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Class Reviews

Spring 2020 Seminars

“Very beneficial ideas”

“Very informative”

“I Learned how much I don’t know… lots of great information”

“Good intro to concepts I wanted to learn more about”

“Very eye opening”

“Real action ideas to take now that will make our financial future so much better!”

“I was impressed with Keith’s knowledge of such a wide range of retirement topics”

“This information can be difficult to find and understand but Keith made it clear!”

“Better than a similar class I took 15 years ago. Great information! Looking forward to the helpful lab session”

“Very good instructor! Enjoyed your presentation”

“Broad range of relevant info – not to overwhelming”

“One on one Lab, handouts, clear slides are most valuable!”

“Good presentation skills”

“Great idea for retirement planning”

 “Instructor was knowledgeable and did a good job presenting the material!”

“Wealth of information that will help me make informed decisions about our future”

 “Gives me a starting point to start making financial plans”

“Very personal and engaging”

“Learning about things I never gave any thought to, like de-cumulation, insurance, and other things”

“Very informative. Instructor very open to questions”

 “Improving financial efficiency”

“Very informative & great info!”

“I wanted to know if it really made a difference to wait until 70 to claim Social Security and Keith clarified that very well!”

Fall 2019 Seminars

“Keith gave me many things to think about and get going on!”

“Love the lab portion!”

“It is nice to have materials to reference and more in-depth information, as well as an opportunity for the LAB to put knowledge into practice.”

“Nice class, learned a lot about retirement”

“He was great, gave great examples and made sure we understood”

“The discussion of each topic made it so much more understandable than reading it in a book. Keith made it real!”

“Learning “Jargon” – knowing what is necessary, laws, rules etc.”

“Coverage of a variety of topics and reference material”

“This was a great general overview for beginning to plan for retirement”

“Life insurance as part of our plan being an option”

“Concepts of accumulating vs deaccumulation and ideas on how to invest and save taxes”

“Exposure to all aspects of retirement planning”

“Learning all the things I have done wrong during accumulation period and options to fix it”

“Comprehensive overview of complicated issues”

“This course made me realize how much help I need. Thank you for the LAB appointment and thank you for opening my eyes!”

“Made you more aware of taxes & their effect on retirement”

 “I didn’t know how much I didn’t know and how much work I need to do!”

“Helpful to start retirement planning”

“Handouts, chance to make appointment for review, and idea of deaccumulation”

“How to withdraw your retirement income”

“How best to spend down your income”

Spring 2019 Seminars 

“Workbooks were great, excellent to track slides with book to enhance learning and comprehension”

“Very professional and knowledgeable. Explained in a way for non-financial people to understand. Good educator and not salesperson. Looking forward to lab!”

“Lots and lots of information”

“Instructor new the subject matter well”

“Enjoyed the class”

“This class should be required for everyone… even starting at age 30 or 40. Lots of Value”

“The examples were very effective to drive home the concepts”

“My husband and I took this course in order to gain information on retiring and learning about different aspects of investing and tax planning. We learned a lot about what our next steps need to be.”

Fall of 2018  Seminars

“Excellent presenter”

 “All of the information and experience of the instructor”

“Answered a lot of questions”

“Very pertinent to today’s climate where we are now and how to proceed toward retirement effectively”

 “Appreciate being able to follow along with notebook so I could add notes to what was written. Also appreciated additional material not in book”

“Provided an outstanding framework, while adding extra insights from experience and current info (stats, changes in tax laws that effect retirement, etc)”

“The examples, including the family example and how they did the deductions”

 “Very knowledgeable- Great Teacher”

“Better understanding of how it will affect me”

“Keith did a nice job of explaining and responding to questions”

“Great explanation especially on QCD”

“Great Handouts, very clear speaking”


Fall of 2017 Seminars

“I learned a LOT and will have confidence in my retirement planning”

"Many topics were covered that benefited me in retirement planning, in extremely valuable ways"

"I wish I did this years ago! I learned a lot about Social Security and the advantages and disadvantages of investments."

Spring of 2017 Seminars

“Everyone needs to take this class!”

“The course is very effective and provides a good sense of things we need to think about and do in planning for retirement”

“Very eye opening, got us thinking about the future”

“Keith did a great job and is very knowledgeable on this subject!”

“Easy to understand, well laid out, and practical”

“Really appreciated the overview, gave us a lot to think about and motivated us to get planning”

“Keith is very likable, he speaks clearly and at a good pace. I definitely learned a lot and will recommend!”

“Great overview, thanks for showing expertise!” 

“It was very effective in getting us to think continually about retirement options and strategies ”

Fall of 2016  Seminars

“A lot of information on a variety of retirement topics that we had not contemplated previously”

“Tons of info, more than expected!”

“I really benefited from the tax information addressing retirement income and disbursements from IRA’s, pensions, etc.”

“I enjoyed the course and will use the ideas & strategies provided”

“Instructor answered our questions thoroughly as 1 of us is at retirement and 1 of us is planning for retirement in a few years”

“Great at conveying the key aspects of retirement planning in a logical format”

“This class gave me much food for thought in how to prepare for retirement. More information than I could fully absorb so I’m looking forward to continuing to study.”

“This class was great, the instructor is knowledgeable and, pleasantly light hearted.”

“Got us on course for planning for retirement!”

“Retirement planning is key for all individuals. I’d highly recommend a retirement “101” course for all ages-not just those of us looking to retire in the next 5-10 years”

“I’m looking forward to my consultation with Keith-The binder is a wealth of information.”

Spring of 2016 Seminars

“The content and presentation were great.”

“Material and explanations were excellent. Clarified much about retirement/estate planning. Thorough presentation. Thank you!!!” 

“The course was very well prepared and presented, current trends and needs were presented.” 

Spring of 2015 Seminars

“Comprehensiveness. The intro that stressed importance of thinking about the life you want to lead in retirement, not just focus on financial.” 

“It caused us to slow down and take the time to think about a topic we are constantly delaying decisions about. We found the Social Security section very informative.”

“Presenters were prepared and professional. It was not a sales pitch program, and I appreciated that.”

“Wealth of info – looking forward to lab.” 

“Very good. Excellent handouts – very easy to understand.” 

Spring of 2014  Seminars

“Great information. Learned a lot.” 

“Found out how much I DON’T know!”

“The course was helpful and informative.” 

Fall of 2014  Seminars

What did you find most valuable about the course? “Discovering that insurance estate planning was part of retirement planning as well as investments. Looking forward to individual meeting.”