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Avoiding the Tax Traps of Retirement

Class Registration begins August 2019. Please check back for class dates! 

Strategies to enhance your income and reduce your tax’s through the four stages of retirement.


For the vast majority of Americans, the single biggest expense they will have in retirement will be taxes.  People often pay more tax in retirement than expected because of a confusing system that contains hidden taxes, traps and penalties.

In this class you will learn strategies to help you keep more of your valuable retirement resources and avoid the unintended consequences of paying more tax than necessary.

Topics include:

  • What is the ‘After-Tax’ value of your retirement accounts?
  • Planning for the ‘Tax Traps’ of Social Security and Medicaid.
  • How to manage your income and tax bracket effectively.
  • Organize your assets for your family’s benefit – estate planning still matters!

If you planning to retire in the next 10 to 15 years or are currently in retirement, the information in this fast paced ninety-minute class is essential to your financial success.

Check the Events page for upcoming Avoiding Tax Traps of Retirement classes.